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Incident Response

We are ready.

Fallen victim to a ransomware attack or a disgruntled employee?

Reach out to our Incident Response team to accelerate identifying your risk vector and planning a mitigation strategy.

Utilising advanced cyber forensics, analytics, and auditing tools, we can implement a strategy to increase your chances of a positive resolution.

Security Assessment Audit

How safe is your data?

Understanding your security footprint and regularly auditing systems is crucial to maintaining a secure network.

We provide a comprehensive report on recommended improvements and a strategy for achieving a secure network.

Data Loss Prevention

Ensure your data stays with you.

Make sure your company data stays in the company. Ensuring when a staff member exists, that your information doesn’t go with them.

Through advanced auditing and forensic analysis, we can determine when and where a data breach has occurred.

But what’s better than finding out after the fact? –

Preventing it in the first place. We can stop data breaches in their tracks and alert you when an attempt has been made.

User Awareness Training

So you know it, when you see it.

Hackers are refining their techniques and crafting emails and links designed to look like the real thing.

We can train your staff to know what to look for when identifying potentially malicious emails or attachments. Critically important when disaster could only be a click away.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Detect and deter ‘would-be’ attackers.

Our NOC (Network Operations Centre) runs 24/7/365 keeping eye on who and what is trying to come in and out of your network. We act before it becomes an issue.

Vulnerability Scanning

See what the bad guy sees.

We put our black hat on and assume the roll of the bad guy.

Human-led penetration testing employs techniques that a threat actor may use to exploit an insecure process, weak password, misconfiguration or other lax security settings. Narrower in focus and highly customizable, these Specialty Tests engagements offer insights to help organisations prioritise what weaknesses to address first.

Access Control

Can I see your ID?

Ensure your staff only have access to what they need.

Document and application permissions ensure your staff can only see what they’re meant to.

Access Control in buildings ensures people only visit areas they’re meant to.

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